Get to Know the New River Valley

From Onward NRV —

NEW RIVER VALLEY, VA – Onward New River Valley is proud to release a brand new video showcasing the unique culture and assets of Virginia’s New River Valley.

The New River Valley video, which was created with Nightfire Productions, is a culmination of input from people and companies all over the NRV. It encompasses the culture of our area, while showcasing some of the unique assets in the region.

The video features the Virginia’s New River Valley branding created with Eddy Alexander, which Onward NRV has been working to rollout over the past year. The video is the latest effort to cultivate and nurture the brand.

“We’re incredibly proud to release the New River Valley video,” said Onward NRV Executive Director Charlie Jewell. “This video expresses and adds to the emotional attachment that people have to the NRV. It was created as a concerted effort to effectively brand Virginia’s New River Valley. We hope you enjoy what we believe is an excellent representation of the NRV and that you share it with everyone you know.”