5 Tips for Staging Your Home

Staging your home can make or break a sale. Potential home buyers need to see themselves living in your home and you can make that a reality for them by taking the time to tidy up, clean up and set up appropriately. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure your house stands out at your next showing.

Tidy Up

It’s the simplest step but one that can really make a difference. Remove any toys, games, movies or novelty items. Move any unnecessary furniture, as that can make your room appear smaller. Then, ask yourself what you can live without. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months and see the difference it makes in how put-together your house will look.

Arrange Furniture with a Purpose

Group your furniture into conversational groups that are cozy and inviting and make sure there are clear paths for traffic. This will define the space and create more of an intimate setting, while showcasing the purpose of the room.


Lighting of your home should be a total of 100 watts per each 50 square feet. Also don’t forget natural light is your best friend! Try to include ambient, task and accent lights to really make the room look its best.

Paint if Necessary

Neutral colors can help a house seem less dated and less personalized. Although it might seem like an unnecessary task, it’s quite easy to transform a room with paint and this is a step that can really make a difference.

Add Finishing Touches

Bake cookies, add fresh flowers from your yard, place special towels in the bathroom and kitchen to really seal the deal. Consider playing music if your house has the capabilities or turn on the TV to make sure your house feels like a home.