Simple Ways to Get Your House Ready to List

Clean and Declutter

Before you break out the rubber gloves and Windex, get rid of all the unused and unwanted items in your house. Whether you decide to hold a yard sale, donate to charity, or sell through Craigslist, just be sure to get those items out of the house. It’s also important to significantly reduce the number of personal items you have on display in your home. You can always put these items in storage until you move into your new home.


While your dramatic statement walls may be your favorite feature of your home, not every potential home buyer is going to be able to imagine their future against your bright orange walls. Take the time after you’ve cleaned and decluttered to paint your walls neutral colors that will make it easier for potential home buyers to see themselves making your house their home.


Taking the time to make simple DIY repairs can make a big difference come inspection time. Simple things like fixing leaky faucets and toilets, redoing caulking, and replacing light bulbs will have your home looking put together and ready to sell.


Taking the time to organize your storage space will pay off as a great selling point. By making your closets look clean and organized, buyers will think that your home has plenty of storage space and will motivate them to make an offer.


Now that you have fresh, neutral walls, it’s time to redecorate. Get rid of large, bulky furniture and opt for small, functional pieces. This will make your space look larger and more spacious. Add plants to draw buyers’ attention to certain areas and make your home appear brighter and healthier.