How to Get the Exterior of Your Home Open House Ready

The first impression of any home is what it looks like on the outside. If you are selling your house, one of the most important things to do on the inside is to stage the interior to make sure it is presenting itself in the best way possible. This concept should also be applied to the exterior of your house as well. Remember, spending a couple days maintaining the outside of your house can increase the number of potential buyers interested in your home.

Windows and Screens Must be Clean

This must be done before a date is made for an open house. If a visitor sees that the outside windows and screens are covered in dirt and dust they will wonder what else has also not been cleaned and maintained on the interior of the home.

Update and Upkeep Gardens and Walkways

Nothing lacks appeal more than weeds in the garden and weeds that are overflowing onto the walkways. Spend a day before open house to make sure the weeds are pulled and the garden looks well-maintained and presentable. This will showcase the curb appeal and exterior of your home to potential buyers.

Pressure Wash Your Siding

It is best to hire a professional for this one because you do not want to ruin your siding and have to replace it while trying to sell your home at the same time. It is transforming what a good pressure wash can do to the siding of a house to remove years of gunk, grime and stains. Your house will look brighter, newer and well-maintained more so than before.

Properly Display Your House Address

If it has been a little while since you updated the address numbers on your home—both on the home and on the mailbox—now might be a good time to do so as they may look dated and weathered. A quick trip to the hardware store for new house numbers to mount and hang will provide your home with a quick update that is noticeable from the road—perfect for open house visitors who are looking for the home.

Clean Patio Furniture

This can cost you if a potential buyer gets a bad impression from unkempt patio furniture. Sometimes, unclean patio furniture can deter potential buyers because of the association with bugs and other little critters that make home in dirty spaces like these. Give the furniture a quick wash and scrub to bring them back to life, or if it is unfixable, remove or replace it prior to the open house.

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