5 Tips for Staging a Home

Making the choice to sell your house and move is overwhelming, and finding the right buyer is a major contributor to selling stress. But, home staging is one way you can turn your home into the house of a buyer’s dreams which is especially useful if you have a tight timeline. While there are professional stagers you can use, you can also stage your home yourself. The advantages of staging are plentiful, but one of the biggest reasons is to remove your own memories from the home and present a clean slate that someone else can picture themselves in. Here are a five ways to get your home looking perfectly inviting and sure to sell.

Use neutral colors

When preparing to sell your house, choose neutral, sophisticated colors. This doesn’t mean dull, boring shades need to take over your home. Warm colors like mocha and grey-beige care a nice backdrop that tie the room together. Stay away from anything too trendy like painted stripes, chevron, or extremely bold wallpapers.

Show off storage

Closet and storage space can be a deciding factor for potential buyers. Visitors will want to see storage space anyway, so keeping closet doors open and showing a clean, organized space inside will draw their attention. Make sure to declutter and create a sense of spaciousness by leaving about 20 to 30 percent of open space in each closet.

Eliminate odors

Over time, homes collect odors, some of which you might not even notice. Do you have a pet? If you do, your home probably has a scent because of it. Do you smoke? Your house will give that away. Have you had any water issues? Try to get rid of any musty smells. Odors of any kind are extremely off-putting for potential buyers so take a long, honest inhale and then adjust as needed. Room diffusers, candles, and a good deep cleaning can help remove odors.

Stage for the season

In the winter, it is always nice for visitors to enter a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Lighting a fire in a fireplace or simmering a hot beverage on the stove are great ideas. In the summer or spring, keep fresh flowers on the table and have any outdoor amenities like pools and fire pits uncovered and clean. You don’t have to get carried away with holiday décor though. Seasonal staging is sufficient.

Balance the clean and lived-in look

Though you want to remove as much clutter as possible, it’s also important for visitors to see the house as a place they want to live. They also know the home is currently occupied, and how you use the space can inspire buyers. It’s okay to have your things out, so long as they are clean and not messy or downright dirty. Always vacuum before showings, wipe down surfaces, and pick up unnecessary things around the house like shoes, papers, and other stuff that sometimes piles up.