Make Your Home a Top Contender on the Market

Preparing your home for sale can be just a bit overwhelming. We completely get it. All of that cleaning, reorganizing, and redecorating can really take a toll; but we push through the sweat and tears to sell our home as quickly as possible. For any property to sell fast — or at all — the listing needs to attract the right attention it deserves and effectively market your property. With the help of a listing real estate agent, you can greatly increase your chances of selling your home quickly. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the market:

Pricing Your Home

Having your property professionally appraised is the best way to ensure you aren’t losing money by listing it too low or deterring potential buyers due to it being overpriced. It’s important to not be too strict on your asking price because nine times out of ten there will be some negotiation over the price. Also, potential buyers won’t even bother to look at the house if they know there is no room for negotiation. Most real estate agents will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is an analysis of recent sales in your area that helps you come up with a final sale price. This is a great tool to use to come up with a fair asking price for your home while leaving room for negotiation. Pricing your property can make or break your sale, so it’s important to use an unbiased third party who can properly price your home without being influenced by sentimental value. Let your agent take the stress off and help you put the perfect price tag on your home.

Exaggerating the Details

Listing those strong key details that make your home stand out is important, but you should never exaggerate those points. It may be a little tempting to hide some minor issues with your property, but it could lead a potential buyer to walk away from a contract or even end in a lawsuit. Your real estate agent will keep your listing truthful and sellable by disclosing all necessary information in an appropriate way. Don’t let accidentally overestimating the living space and underestimating the defects keep you from selling your home. Let your real estate agent take care of promoting your home in a safe and legal way because even one simply typo can get you and your listing in trouble.

Importance of Photos

Photos that accompany your real estate listing are crucial when it comes to attracting buyers. This is your chance to really show off what your house has to offer. You don’t want to simply promote your home “as is;” make sure to show off the strong selling points. Poor quality photos can be detrimental to your listing. However, finding the right angle and staging each room appropriately is harder than it looks. A blurry photo or an image of a room with bad lighting can easily push buyers away. Having agents take photos of your property with professional equipment and expertise eliminates the possibility of buyers being turned off by poor quality photos.

We all know second chances don’t come often, so making a great first impression is essential when selling your home. We want your home to have a real advantage.  Small mistakes on you listing may seem like no big deal, but plenty of skeptical buyers have proven otherwise. Listing agents are there to make sure your property listing includes the information necessary to be a top contender on the market while also making the process of selling your home painless.