Best Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Floyd County, VA 

breakfast and brunch restaurants in floyd

Most places nowadays have restaurants that serve international cuisines. Floyd is no exception. Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, Floyd County, Virginia, is a beautiful area to live in with some great dining choices. You’ll never run out of options for the best breakfast and brunch restaurants in Floyd County.

You can find restaurants that specialize in Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, and American cuisine, to name a few. Another must-try here is the local craft beers, and the buffalo meat served in some restaurants in the area.

If you haven’t been to Floyd, this article will help you find the best breakfast and brunch restaurants in Floyd County.

3 Best Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Floyd County

1. Floyd Country Store

Rated 4.8 in Google, your food doesn’t have to be fancy to be good and satisfying at the Floyd Country Store. Their menu has simple classics paired with homemade soups and salads. You’ll want to try their pulled smoked pork barbecue cooked in East-Carolinian style. All food comes from freshly harvested local produce. a

For a hearty breakfast or brunch, drive down to 206 S. Locust St. in Floyd, and experience southern hospitality like nowhere else.

2. Red Rooster Coffee

Some of us cannot call a morning complete without a piping hot cup of coffee. If you’re down in Floyd County, there is no other place to get your daily amount of coffee than Red Rooster Coffee

Rated 4.7 in Google, this coffee shop serves only the finest coffee, roasted locally in Virginia, and their breakfast and brunch menus. Red Rooster is not for you if you need a hearty breakfast, as their breakfast menu is light. You can also purchase packed coffee granules at their shop if you are a coffee lover. 

3. Blue Ridge Cafe

This diner’s building used to be the old Floyd County Bank. They converted the building into a restaurant in the late 1920s. The bank vault is still there, inside the diner. Many different people have owned the restaurant over the years, but the love for southern comfort has stayed the same. 

The restaurant serves breakfast daily, starting at 6 am. Customers rated the diner 4.2 on Google with positive reviews on the portion and taste of their food. So if you want to try the good ole Southern comfort, head to Blue Ridge Cafe at 113 E Main St. in Floyd.

The cuisine and restaurant in Floyd county reflect downright simplicity. The place is unique in its people’s southern hospitality, echoed throughout the neighborhood and their food.

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