Popular Sports in Christiansburg, VA

sports in christiansburg

You’re interested in staying active and enjoying some popular sports in Christiansburg, VA, but you’re not sure where to start. No problem! We’re here to introduce some of the most popular sports in the area and provide background information about them.

5 Popular Sports in Christiansburg, VA


The city’s state-of-the-art aquatic center is home to recreational and competitive swimming. It is where the Virginia Tech Hokies Swimming & Diving teams hold meets throughout the year. You can watch some of the best athletes in the country compete right here in Christiansburg!


Playing baseball is more than just a pastime for the locals. It’s a part of the town’s identity and culture.

The Harkrader Sports Complex hosts several baseball tournaments, including the USSSA World Series and Dixie World Series. These events attract competitors from all over the country.

The Christiansburg Recreation Center also has a baseball field, and several public parks have baseball diamonds.

Those looking for a more competitive game can check with Christiansburg Athletic Association for adult leagues. And for the kids, there’s the Christiansburg Youth Baseball Association. They have teams for kids of all ages, from T-ball to Legion ball.


You’ll also find many people around Christiansburg who love soccer. The town has a youth soccer program and a strong community spirit for the sport.

Christiansburg can also be a great place to catch a soccer match. The local high school has a great team and several club teams in the area. 


Basketball is also a popular sport in the area. Christiansburg offers a lot of options for playing basketball. The community center has a gym that’s buzzing with activity. The local high school teams can also be fun to watch.

Track and Field

Track and field are also pretty popular in Christiansburg. As a result, there are many competitions in the area. You can try sprinting, long-distance running, hurdling, jumping, or throwing the javelin or discus.

Ready to get active?

Whatever your sport of choice, Christiansburg has something for you. Get out there and start playing! We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of Christiansburg’s sports scene! As you can see, many options exist for staying active and enjoying sports.

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