Winter Roof Maintenance: How to Prevent Snow and Ice Damage

winter roof maintenance

Winters in the New River Valley can get very cold. We also get a decent amount of snow. The snow and ice can damage rooftops and cause leaks. However, homeowners in the NRV can prevent damage with a bit of winter roof maintenance.

Some people fail to appreciate the damage snow and ice can do. They think it is just frozen water and that it isn’t a big deal. Even fluffy snow weighs about seven pounds per cubic foot. It only gets heavier as it gets denser. Ice can also cause all sorts of damage to a roof as it freezes and expands.

What can you do to protect your home from ice and snow damage? This post will cover a few tips for NRV homeowners.

Protect Your NRV Home With Winter Roof Maintenance

Snow Removal Tools

One of the most significant risks with snow on a roof is the weight. If enough builds up, a roof could collapse. The risk is even greater if the roof is old or in poor condition. Beyond weight issues, an accumulation of snow can also increase the risk of ice on your roof.

Homeowners should invest in snow removal tools for their roofs. A roof rake is one of the most useful tools for removing snow from a roof. It is a tool with a long pole that allows you to remove snow from a roof while staying on the ground. However, you do need to be careful when using a roof rake. You could cause more damage or even injure yourself if you don’t know how to use the tool.

Check Your Attic

Heat in your attic can be an issue for roofs during winter. If enough heat from the home escapes to the attic, it can melt snow near the roof’s peak. That water can run down the roof and freeze near the eaves. The frozen water then forms an ice dam on the roof’s edge. Ice dams can damage roofs in many ways.

To prevent them, you need to keep your attic cool during winter. One way to do this is to ensure you have sufficient insulation in the attic. If you have heating ducts in your attic, check their seals. You could also vent the attic to help warm air escape.

Maintain Your Gutters

A lack of gutter maintenance can also be a risk. Your gutters can’t channel water away from the home if they have an obstruction. Damaged gutters can also be at risk of falling from the roof. The top tip for gutters is to make sure you clean them regularly. You should also inspect gutters annually and perform any necessary repairs.

Talk to Professionals

Homeowners should have their roofs inspected every few years by a professional who can inspect your roof and help you avoid any issues. They can also recommend additional solutions for things like ice dams. For example, they could install vents at the eaves or heat cables to melt the ice.

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