Hiking in Virginia: 4 Great Locations to Conquer the New River Valley Trail, Part 1

New River Valley trail

Thanks to a mix of mountains, rivers, and abundant public spaces, hiking is among the most popular outdoor activities. This little town of New River Valley was mentioned several times in Blue Ridge Country Magazine’s “Best of the Mountains.” This is because NRV does not only boasts great attractions but hikes as well!

So lace up your boots, grab your backpack, fill up your water bottle, and experience a unique hiking adventure in the New River Valley Trail!

4 Must-Visit Locations to Conquer the New River Valley Trail

1. Mill Creek Nature Park

Mill Creek Nature Park in New River Valley, VA features a picnic shelter, open space, and a variety of trails to explore while taking in the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. Volunteers and the Town of Narrows work together to care for this 145-acre mountain property. 

There is something for everyone at Mill Creek, from casual family outings to technical mountain bike riding. You can enjoy Mill Creek with family and friends and become a tourist in your own backyard. You don’t have to worry about hiking without a tourist guide as you can find a kiosk within walking distance of the parking lot with a Visitors Guide and a map.

2. Angel’s Rest

Pearis Mountain in New River Valley, VA is reached by ascending this section of the Appalachian Trail. This gives you great views of the surrounding city of Pearisburg as well as the rocky cliffs of the New River Palisades as the river courses through the valley below. 

The views from Angel’s Rest are stunning, but it is also very challenging to climb to the top due to its steep, strenuous terrain! There is a 1.5-mile, 1,650-foot climb up before you get to a boulder at the mouth of the New River, where you can relax and enjoy the view. 

3. Cascade Falls

The 69 ft. waterfall crashes into a pool surrounded by 200-foot-high cliff walls from which ice forms in the winter. Awe-inspiring and peaceful, the Cascade Falls in New River Valley combines power and beauty.

Hiking the Upper Trail provides wonderful views of Little Stony Creek, both from the ground and from above. Yet, that’s only half of the popular four-mile loop. The Lower Trail winds its way along the Little Stony River, passing by buggy backwaters and gushing cataracts along the way. It also offers an equally breathtaking view as the Cascades. For visitors to see this, they must traverse four bridges and walk along with many stone steps and walkways. 

4. Mountain Lake Conservancy

Mountain Lake is a nearly 2,600-acre property located in a saddle between Salt Pond and Doe Mountains, which is an ideal place for outdoor recreation. Not just lodge guests can enjoy the property’s special character since it is open to the public.

You won’t run out of weekend hiking adventures at Mountain Lake Conservancy this summer. Mountain Lake offers approximately 20 trails with distances ranging from 1/4 miles to nearly 2 miles and difficulty levels varying from low to extreme, making it an excellent place to advance your outdoor endurance.

Remember that the best views come at the end of the hardest climbs. So give yourself time to appreciate and witness the God-given creations through these breathtaking New River Valley hikes.

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