NRV Leaders Part of Top 100 People to Meet in 2024 by Virginia Business

Virginia Business

Influential figures across the New River Valley earned a spot in Virginia Business’s Top 100 People to Meet in 2024. Most candidates are authors, podcast hosts, entrepreneurs, legal practitioners, leaders in the nonprofit sector, educators, and innovative individuals.

NRV, VA Real Estate Market Watch

The median home price in New River Valley, VA, is $289,950 as of February 2024. The data can change at any time.

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Virginia Business’ Top Leaders from the NRV


Peter Mann is the founder and CEO of Oransi, based in Radford.


Bevlee A. Watford, the executive director and Associate Dean of Equity and Engagement for the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity at Virginia Tech in Montgomery County

Enric Ruiz-Geli, the principal and founding architect of Cloud 9 and Professor of Practice at Virginia Tech Honors College in Montgomery County


Yuhao Zhang, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech from Montgomery County

Nanci Hardwick, specializing in Aeroprobe and MELD Manufacturing at Montgomery County

Virginia’s Business Business Landscape

Virginia is one of the top states for business. Virginia ranked 2nd in CNBC’s Top States for Business in 2023 for several reasons.

Strong Education

Virginia has strong education programs. The University of Virginia in Charlottesville ranked 16th among Best Schools, and Virginia Commonwealth University ranked 27th. Other recommended schools include William and Mary, George Mason University, and Virginia Tech—quality education results in a diverse and talented workforce contributing to local companies’ growth.

Financial Support

Virginia offers financial support for businesses to expand and innovate, making it the fourth-ranked state with access to capital. Virginia’s government has also initiated tax cuts to make the state business-friendly. The Small Business Development Center also offers business owners free counseling, training, and support. They offer business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and guidance on how to get access to capital.

Advantageous Cost of Living

The average Virginian spends $48,249 annually on housing, healthcare, food, gasoline, and other expenses. Virginia ranks 30th of 50 states in terms of cost of living.

Balanced Performance

Virginia performs well across various categories, earning a B in the workforce, infrastructure, economy, life, health, and technology. Their comprehensive approach to business development shows the state’s commitment to long-term sustainability.

From innovative startups to established enterprises, entrepreneurs in the NRV have thrived by capitalizing on the available resources and initiatives.

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