Top 4 Areas You Should Consider Living in Radford, VA

living in Radford

Living in Radford offers a wealth of greenery, a welcoming community, and a lot of exciting amenities. It is definitely an ideal neighborhood since living costs and crime rates are lower in this town. Being a safe and affordable community, it’s no surprise that it is considered one of the most family-friendly cities in Virginia.

Find out where to live in Radford by checking out these awesome places.

4 Best Places You Should Consider If Living In Radford, VA

1. Sunset Village

If your goal is to live in a comfortable environment in Radford, VA, you may want to consider Sunset Village. This neighborhood in Radford, VA provides you a lot of opportunities because of its proximity to high-ranking educational institutions and unique dining options.

This area has long been a renowned Radford real estate hotspot. This place consists of a highly structured bungalow and well-built cottage neighborhood in the heart of Ranford, within walking distance of the river.

2. High Meadows

If you want to live in an affordable community, consider living at High Meadows. The neighborhood is located on the eastern edge of Radford, near the New River and Virginia Tech’s River Golf Course. This community was created to provide affordable housing for homeowners which consists of 60 units.

Several of the single-family homes in this Radford neighborhood are one-level with first-floor master suites, featuring a mix of newer and older architecture.

3. College Park

If you are contemplating where to live in Radford, VA, then you need to consider the area’s stability. College Park is one of East Radford’s well-established communities.

This place is a mixture of single-family and connected homes. There are 34 townhouses in this beautiful and quiet neighborhood. It was mostly developed in the 1960s and 1980s. The single-family homes in College Park vary in style and are built on large lots ranging from a few acres to more than half an acre.

4. Fairgrounds

Located in the city’s heart, Radford’s Fairgrounds neighborhood is home to a wide and diverse population. This neighborhood makes a great place to live as it is close to several amenities of the town.

Located just steps from the Riverway Trail, Fairgrounds consists of classic cottages, ranchers, and bungalows.

Overall, these are great communities with friendly people. Move to Radford and leave that long commute behind! With many trees and land, Radford feels like home and offers a wonderful view of the mountains. Drive a little bit away from the chaos of the city and explore the countryside!

Considering settling down in one of these best neighborhoods in Radford, VA? Contact an experienced real estate agent who can help you find the home right for you.