4 Instagrammable Locations on the Virginia Tech Campus

instagrammable locations on virginia tech campus

Are you a travel blogger looking to make your next travel destination look its best on Instagram? Or maybe you love finding places for pretty or interesting pictures? Either way, Montgomery County has many picture-worthy locations, not least Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. I’ll share with you four of the most Instagrammable places to see on the VT Campus to make your trip a worthwhile one. 

4 Instagrammable Locations on the Virginia Tech Campus

1. The Pylons 

Start your photography adventure in one of the historical landmarks in Blacksburg. Located in the heart of Virginia Tech’s campus, the Pylons list the names of every Virginia Tech graduate who has paid the ultimate price serving our nation. Although it’s a place of reverence, it’s a fantastic sight for photography. 

2. Moss Arts Center

The Moss Arts Center attracts artists from around the globe. The architecture of the building alone is stunning. It’s a great location to hang out if you want to get some photos with your friends. You can get some nice shots by the 22 steps that lead up the second floor or outside in front of Diana Cooper’s mural, “High Wire.” This building also has a nice aesthetic look with its diamond-patterned window frames.

3. Hahn Horticulture Garden 

The Hahn Horticulture Garden is a beautiful area located in Washington Street SW that’s very picturesque. It is a great place to relax and hang out with friends, and with nearly 6 acres of teaching and display gardens, you’ll find a great shot no matter where you look.

The garden is home to the Jane Andrews Memorial Stream Garden, which contains a beautiful pond with a waterfall. It features various plants and fish that add vibrant colors to your pictures. 

4. Burchard Hall

Burchard Hall is a fantastic place to take Instagram photos of any kind, and it has the best lighting for photos.

The pyramids in front of Cowgill Hall are not only a fantastic feature for photos, but they provide an attractive, modern background for almost any subject. Even if it is overcast outside, the light inside the pyramids will provide good lighting and an exciting location.

The staircases next to the pyramids also provide even more options. You can get creative by taking pictures through the windows and getting some cool lens flares on your image.

BONUS! Downtown Blacksburg & Christiansburg

Let’s face it, Virginia Tech is not the only photo-worthy spot in Montgomery County! There are still plenty of areas that can make for some great pictures. 

The Lyric Theater on Main Street in Blacksburg makes for an excellent classic background. If you like a touch of history and local art, then head to Montgomery Museum of Art & History in Christiansburg. 

Virginia is a lovely place to call home, with photo ops in every region of the state, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. If you’re into photography and Instagramming your brains out, it’s a great place to call home.

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