5 Aquariums in Roanoke VA, to Visit

Aquariums in roanoke va

Aquariums in Roanoke, VA, offer unique learning experiences for individuals of all ages. Get insights about marine life and aquatic ecosystems from featured displays and interactive exhibits. Enjoy their modern aquariums and hands-on experience with marine animals like stingrays, starfish, and sea cucumbers.

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Top Aquariums in Roanoke VA, That You Need to Visit

If you are looking for an underwater adventure in Roanoke, VA, without getting wet, you can visit the Center in the Square. It is a popular hub for culture and the arts in Roanoke, a 7-story building is at One Market Square. Furthermore, they have five aquariums, a green roof deck, and a coral lab.

Living Coral Reef Aquarium

The Living Coral Reef Aquarium is an 8,000-gallon aquarium full of 250 vibrant marine fish and 150 corals. It is also the largest aquarium in the Mid-Atlantic region. Meanwhile, its interactive screens and educational program provide a learning and enjoyable experience.

The coral community features colorful, soft, and stony corals. The coral reefs are like underwater cities teeming with vibrant fish, intricate formations, and fascinating sea creatures. Lastly, the sea creatures dwelling in this aquarium include herb crabs, gorgonians, sea biscuits and cucumbers, marine spoons, snails, sea stars, and more.

Predators of the Amazon Exhibit Tank

Explore the Amazon River, the widest river in the world, through the special exhibit tank that highlights the role of the river in sustaining the Amazon rainforest. Get to know diverse wildlife like the river dolphins, anacondas, and piranhas. Additionally, you can learn about conservation efforts to keep the rainforest home to diverse species.

Chomp and Moon Jellyfish Tank

The Chomp Tank introduces aggressive marine species, including the invasive Lionfish, French Angelfish, Humu Triggerfish, and Spanish Hogfish. You can also spot the Moon Jellyfish here, which is common in the aquarium trade. They use their stinging cells to capture their food.

Turtles of Virginia Aquarium

This crowd-favorite freshwater aquarium showcases Virginia’s turtle species, including the Map Turtle, Painted Turtles, and Red-Eared Slider. These turtles, swimming amidst a 300 lb driftwood piece, capture the hearts of visitors. Moreover, their unique features, like the Map Turtle’s map-like markings, add to the educational experience, with curators feeding them by hand.

Koi Pond

The Koi Pond in the roof deck features fish from Central Asia in China. The Koi consists of vibrant colors and patterns shaped by natural genetic mutation. It is a symbol of power and strength in some Asian countries because according to legend, their resilience against a challenging river journey transformed them into golden dragons.

Showcased Review of Koi Pond:

“One of the best attractions in Roanoke!

It’s kid-friendly and clean, and the staff is friendly. You can explore the aquarium for 30 minutes. Also, they update their exhibits regularly. My kids had a blast, and they didn’t plan on leaving!” J.W., 5 Stars Review

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