Explore These 4 Historical Sites in Pulaski County, VA

historical sites in pulsaki

Historical sites add to the charm of any community. They tell stories from the past that add a unique dimension to our lives. If history is one of your interests, Virginia has much to offer. Below is a list of historical sites in Pulaski County that you should add to your bucket list.

4 Historical Sites in Pulaski County

1. Pulaski County Courthouse 

Start your exploration with one of the dominant historical landmarks in the area—the Pulaski County Courthouse. This large public building is famous for its architecture echoing a Romanesque style of the noted architect H. H. Richardson. Don’t miss this place for an Instagrammable shot.

2. Pulaski Train Depot 

Built in 1888 and popularly known as The Grand Old Lady of Pulaski, the Pulaski Train Depot was crafted from Peak Creek granite by Italian stonemasons two years after the Commonwealth chartered the city. Unfortunately, in 2008, a fire destroyed its original glory. Fortunately, the station was rebuilt in 2011.

Today, the depot serves as a community meeting place for events throughout the year. It is also home to the Pulaski Marketplace, the County’s farmer’s market, which runs each Saturday from May through September.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in October of 1974, the Pulaski Train Depot was a marvel in its time with unmatched stonework for our area.

3. Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain Civil War Battlefield 

A few minutes away from Pulaski Train Depot, you’ll find the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain Battlefield. The battlefield witnessed the last railroad connecting Virginia with Tennessee destroyed by Union troops. 

You can reach this place by driving north on State Route 100 until reaching 5702 Cleburne Boulevard in Dublin. 

The Cleburne Wayside’s left is a historical marker and plaque, and a gravestone stands where Captain Christopher Cleburne fell in battle. 

4. Back Creek Farm 

You may also want to visit another structure that witnessed the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain. This Back Creek Farm traces its roots to the second generation of European settlement in Southwest Virginia. 

Joseph Cloyd founded the farm at the foot of Cloyd’s Mountain. Native Americans killed Joseph Cloyd’s pioneer parents.

On this property, the Battle of Cloyd’s Mountain was fought during the American Civil War. In those days, the house served as a hospital and a headquarters for Union General George Crook, under whose command Rutherford B Hayes and William McKinley served.

The Bottom Line

Pulaski County has a long and varied history that’s well worth exploring. 

If you want to experience it for yourself, there are plenty of historical sites from which to choose. So, which areas were your favorites? If you’re looking for somewhere new to explore, any one of them would be an excellent place to start!

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