Where to Grab Craft Beer in Radford 

craft beer in radford

Radford is a beautiful city in the New River Valley that sits along the flowing New River. The city is well known for its prestigious Radford University. Radford also has a diverse array of dining and entertainment establishments near the main street where you can enjoy a nice meal. The eateries and breweries serve up an excellent selection of local craft beer. You can find many bars and restaurants where you can grab a craft beer in Radford along with BBQ, wings, and ribs. 

This article will guide you to the best spots serving craft beer in Radford.

3 Spots to Enjoy Craft Beer in Radford

1. Long Way Brewing

Long Way Brewing brings excellent craft beer to Radford. They serve IPAs, sours, lager, stouts, and more. Long Way was founded in a vacant church and has evolved into one of the best breweries in the Radford area. 

They have a steady stream of food trucks serving BBQ, tacos, and other local favorites depending on the day. Click here for their food truck schedule so you can plan an outing and not miss out on your favorite beer and food.

2. BT’s Radford

Founded in 1983 by Bill Ellenbogen Tome Whitehead, BT’s is a local institution. BT’s Radford is a restaurant and bar that serves unique dishes and drinks from their extensive menu. They host various special events throughout the year, so you’ll never get bored hanging out in their place.

3. The River Company Restaurant & Brewery

This quaint family-owned restaurant and brewery have been serving the New River Valley since 2008. The River Company is a restaurant and brewery with menu items for everyone, including beer lovers. They add nice cold craft beer to their excellent dinner menu. A score of 82 on RateBeer is a perfect stop for those who want a nice cold one.

There are many restaurants, bars, and breweries in Radford, VA. They serve a nice glass of craft beer and meal and provide a welcoming atmosphere with a taste of local history. You’ll have a relaxing time hanging out with your friends when you come by and visit. That said, please drink responsibly. Your life may depend on it!

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