Breweries and Wineries around Giles County

breweries and wineries around giles county

You have many options if you’re looking for breweries and wineries around Giles County! You can come back many times to enjoy the atmosphere and try their offerings. Here is our list of the best breweries and wineries in the area.

4 Breweries and Wineries around Giles County

1. Beliveau Farm  

3899 Eakin Farm Rd, Blacksburg

What do you get when you cross a passion for brewing with love for gluten-free beer? Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Beliveau Farm produces delicious beers made from various grains. They make classic styles like IPA and English Bitter, as well as unique ones like Maple Ale and Blonde. And they’re all gluten-free! Along with that, they also have an award-winning winery. It is a great destination for enjoying excellent beers and delicious wines.

2. Great Valley Farm Brewery and Winery

60 Great Valley Lane, Natural Bridge

Great Valley Farm is a great place for grabbing a cold craft beer or a glass of wine. The winery sources its grapes from local vineyards, so you can be sure your wine has the freshest ingredients. They also have a rotating list of beers on tap, so there’s always something new to try. 

You can enjoy your drink in the tasting room or on their patio overlooking the vineyards. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic evening or having drinks with friends. 

3. JBR Vineyards

1360 Springdale Rd, Pearisburg

JBR Vineyards is a family-owned, family-operated winery located in Giles County. Everything from the planting of grapes to the bottling of wine is done on-site. 

They grow only two grape varieties: Riesling and Pinot Noir. These are hand-tended vines, so you can be sure a lot of care goes into every bottle of JBR wine.

4. Barboursville Vineyards

17655 Winery Rd, Barboursville

Barboursville Vineyards is worth visiting if you’re searching for a winery rooted in culture.

And if you’re looking for a weekend getaway with a bit of history, then Barboursville Vineyards will not disappoint. Their 18th-century estate features two tasting rooms, a bright patio area, a restaurant, and an inn.

If you don’t feel like driving your car? No problem! They have an online wine shop that can send the wines you want to your door.

Ready to go on a wine or beer adventure?

Head to these spots and check them out for yourself! Browse their extensive collections of wine and beer. Enjoy a relaxing day with friends and family. They all offer a good experience. 

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