Sell Your NRV Home: How to Create a Virtual Tour and Attract the Best Offers

Sell Your NRV Home

Are you looking to sell your NRV home? Have you considered using a virtual tour to attract potential buyers and secure the best offers? This post will cover the steps that go into creating a virtual tour for your home.

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How to Create a Virtual Tour to Sell Your NRV Home

Step 1: Choose the Right Equipment

First, you’ll need a good camera that captures high-resolution images or videos. A digital SLR camera or a smartphone with a good camera will suffice.

Step 2: Plan the Tour Route

Map a route through your home that covers all rooms while highlighting attractive features. Start with the exterior and progress through each room, focusing on the most attractive aspects of your property. Lead potential buyers on a virtual journey that showcases your home’s unique charm.

Step 3: Declutter and Stage Your Home

Remember to prepare your home before making the virtual tour. That means cleaning and decluttering the house. You should also remove personal items. Consider moving furniture to make rooms look more open. You could also add furniture or decor to enhance the appeal of different rooms.

Step 4: Use Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is key to showcasing your home’s features. Let natural light flood each room by opening curtains or blinds, and add additional lighting as necessary. Avoid dark or poorly lit shots. They won’t look good on the tour.

Step 5: Capture High-Quality Media

Take high-resolution photos or videos of each room. Capture multiple angles to provide viewers with a complete view of the space. If you have the equipment, wide-angle shots or panoramic views can be a nice touch.

Step 6: Consider 360-Degree or Interactive Elements

Consider incorporating 360-degree or interactive elements for a more immersive and engaging tour. Utilize 360-degree cameras or software that enables viewers to explore the space interactively. It can help buyers feel more connected to the space.

Step 7: Edit and Enhance the Media

Once you have the media, you need to edit and enhance it to make it more appealing. Use editing software to adjust brightness and colors. However, you do not want to edit so much that it does not accurately represent the home. You don’t want buyers to show up and feel like you tricked them with the virtual tour.

Step 8: Choose a Virtual Tour Platform

Select a suitable virtual tour platform from the various online options, such as MMatterport, iGUIDE, or Kuula. Take the time to research different platforms and choose one that aligns with your goals.

Step 9: Write Engaging Descriptions

Accompany your virtual tour with engaging and informative descriptions for your listing. Highlight your home’s key features, upgrades, and unique selling points. Be clear, concise, and provide all the essential details. Buyers will be more likely to contact you if they have the information they need.

Step 10: Promote Your Virtual Tour

Once your virtual tour is ready, it’s time to promote it. Leverage your real estate agent’s marketing channels and share the tour on social media. You can also add it to some of your listings on real estate sites.

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