Should You Hire a Home Inspector Before Selling?

Hire a home inspector before selling

Homeowners have a lot to consider before selling their homes. Sellers might consider various steps to prepare the property. You might also wonder if you should hire a home inspector before selling.

Working with a home inspector could be advantageous for some sellers. However, it might not be worthwhile for every home.

A home inspection in the United States costs an average of $341. The price varies depending on the location and size of the home.

This post will cover a few points to consider when deciding whether to hire an inspector before selling your home.

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Reasons to Hire a Home Inspector Before Selling

Identify Hidden Problems

A pre-inspection can assist you in identifying any hidden defects or problems in your home. It allows you to make repairs or adjust the price of your home accordingly.

Catch Issues Before Buyer’s Inspection

When you hire a home inspector before selling, you avoid issues during the buyer’s inspection. It can streamline the selling process and lead to a more seamless transaction. Catching issues early can also prevent unpleasant surprises.

Market Advantage

Having a pre-inspection report can give potential buyers confidence in the condition of your home. It makes your listing more appealing compared to other properties. Even if there are issues, the buyers at least know about them from the beginning.

Disadvantages of Home Inspection Before Selling

Added Expense

Home inspections cost $200 to $500 on average. It isn’t much, but it is an added cost when selling. You must account for the cost if you plan to have a pre-inspection.

Buyer’s Inspection

Even if you have a pre-inspection, buyers may choose to perform an inspection. Their findings may differ from those of the pre-inspection report.

You’ll need to consider various factors when deciding to hire an inspector before selling. One of the key factors is the age of the home. It might not offer much value if the home is new. However, it can help you when selling an older home.

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