Why New River Valley Is the Best Place To Retire

New River Valley

Are you looking for a peaceful place to retire? Do you love spending time outdoors? If so, the New River Valley could be the perfect place for your retirement. This post will explore the reasons the NRV is an excellent retirement destination.

New River Valley Real Estate Market Watch

As of October 2023, the median price per square foot of homes in Christiansburg, VA, was $166. However, real estate trends are always changing. Contact The Louise Baker Team for help buying and selling homes in the New River Valley.

Top Reasons Why the New River Valley is the Best Place to Retire

Scenic Mountain Views

When you live in the New River Valley, you will see the vast Appalachian Mountains. Its famous Appalachian Trail has breathtaking scenery, and millions of outdoor enthusiasts hike here. Living in the NRV means having access to everything the mountains offer.

Outdoor Oasis

Bike at the Blueridge Parkway, kayak and fish at New River, and view the waterfalls at Cascade Falls. There is so much more to explore in this outdoor oasis. The NRV is the perfect home for retirees who want an active lifestyle in a natural setting.

Affordable Housing

The NRV provides low-cost housing in rural areas. The median cost of rent and utilities is under $1,000. Median home values are also much lower than the national average. Cities in the New River Valley are among the most affordable for housing. The cost of living is also low in many of the cities.

Cultural Charm

Rich in history and culture, the region has charming small towns and vibrant communities. Local events, festivals, and cultural activities contribute to a sense of community and engagement. Some activities to look forward to are the farmers’ market, live performances at the Lyric Theater, and Floyd Fest.

Healthcare Hub

Access to quality healthcare is necessary for retirees, and the NRV delivers well-equipped medical facilities and healthcare services. The Carilion Medical Center is a level 3 facility that can cater to most healthcare needs. Residents can also find a range of other healthcare facilities in the NRV.

Community Connection

The friendly residents and various social opportunities create a strong sense of community. It allows retirees to make new connections and enjoy a strong community spirit. The close communities can also make for a more fulfilling retirement.

In conclusion, the New River Valley’s natural beauty, affordability, and community warmth make it an outstanding choice for retirees. Whether you prefer the outdoors, cultural experiences, or a sense of community, the NRV has it all.

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