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Maintaining air quality is more important now than ever. That’s why many home and business owners are installing air purifiers. Radford City, VA, is also proud to be home to Oransi, a leading manufacturer of air purifier products. These are products made in our community, and people rely on them to ensure clean air and protect their health.

Recently, one of Oransi’s products topped the Best Air Purifiers list. It uses green motor technology to lessen its carbon footprint. According to the review, testing shows that the filter removes over 99% of the tiniest particles. The best part about Oransi is that it uses less electricity with parts assembled in the U.S.

Read on to learn why Oransi air purifiers are among the best available today.

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Made in Radford City, VA: Reasons to Choose Oransi Air Purifiers

Made Responsibly

With locally sourced parts in the U.S., Oransi considers its people and the environment when creating products. They use innovative motor technology similar to electric cars. They also use HEPA filters to meet global standards and produce fresh, clean air.

Modern Eco-Friendly Technology

The AirMend purifier, Oransi’s latest innovation, uses cleaner, greener motor technology, which is a win for you and the environment. Assembled locally, it has a smaller carbon footprint. Its innovative motor design uses less electricity, saving you money while keeping your air fresh.

Fair Prices, No Gimmicks.

Clean air doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Since 2009, Oransi has been designing high-quality, budget-friendly air purifiers and filters. Check out their price comparison and performance table here.

Simple Yet Powerful

Its portable design and easy-to-use technology make it suitable for home and office use. The range of sizes and types of air purifiers saves space and cleans the air indoors.

For more information about Oransi products, please visit their website or call (888) 281-3948.

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