Best Window Treatments for Your Home this Summer

Best Window Treatments

Beat the summer heat and keep cool by selecting the best window treatments in the NRV this summer.

Window treatments aren’t just about style. (Though that’s a bonus.) Curtains, blinds, and shades serve a bigger purpose than just hanging there. When choosing between these three, you have to know their differences.

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The Importance of Choosing the Best Window Treatments

Keep Your Space Comfortable

Window treatments prevent harsh sunlight glare. It also prevents UV damage to your interiors.

Lowers Energy Consumption

When appropriately placed, window treatments save on energy bills.

Best Window Treatments to Beat the Heat

Window Coverings

Window coverings are essential for insulating your home during summer, helping you keep heat inside and out.

Cellular Shades

Both are excellent choices for controlling temperature. Cellular shades, with their honeycomb design, are particularly effective for insulation. Air pockets are a barrier against the heat, helping indoor spaces cool during the summer.

In addition, cellular shades are available in different opacities. These shades allow you to change or customize the amount of light and level of privacy.


Drapes are also great for temperature regulation, depending on factors like material type, weave tightness, and backing. Typically made of heavy, quality fabric, drapes block out heat during summer. When drapes are closed during the day, it can help reduce solar heat gain, keeping the room cooler. Layering drapes with sheer, roller, cellular, or Roman shades can further enhance their effectiveness.

Consider the window sizes and orientation when choosing the best window treatments for your home. Combining cellular shades with drapes can provide excellent insulation and flexibility in controlling temperature and light.

Important Points to Remember

Some window treatments are primarily for aesthetics and are meant to be closed only occasionally. These are ideal spaces where looks matter more than functionality or simple adjustments suffice. When consulting with a designer, mention what style you prefer.

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