Top Home Design Trends 2024

Home Design Trends 2024

Elevate your home and add freshness to your space with top home design trends 2024.

From emerging trends to timeless aesthetics, learn design concepts recommended by leading interior designers.

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Top Home Design Trends 2024 You Should Try

Layer with Intent

Layer styles to create curated and intentional spaces. Mix vintage finds with contemporary furniture to add depth and character to your home.

Embrace Dark and Moody Palettes

Dark and moody hues, like deep gray-blue, lend a sophisticated ambiance to any space. You can apply it to walls, cabinetry, or accents.

Transition to Earth Tones

Earth tones give warmth to the home. Choose muddy greens, burgundy, creamy whites, and shades of brown that offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can extend it beyond walls, including cabinetry, decor, and textiles.

Embrace Greenery

Green hues like emerald, olive, and kelly green complement a contemporary style. Paint, wallpaper, or textiles with green colors add a refreshing burst of nature indoors.

Indulge in Maximalism

In Maximalism, spaces become canvases for bold expressions of color and texture. Embrace a fearless mix of elements to infuse your home with vitality and personality.

Revive Vintage Charm

Vintage pieces accentuate personality in modern homes. Incorporating mid-century modern furniture with playful colors and textures adds a sophisticated touch to your decor.

Pay Attention to Details

Metalware is the jewelry of your home. Opting for materials like brass can elevate the tangible experience and add intentionality to everyday tasks. Intricate touches on furnishings can also give classic pieces a fresh and engaging dimension.

Explore Integrated Sinks

Integrate stone sinks into your kitchen and bathroom designs for practicality and aesthetics. Stone front aprons can make a striking statement while showcasing the material’s natural beauty.

Experiment with Wall Treatments

Plain walls are out; dynamic wall coverings are in. Wood paneling, wallpaper, and murals add visual interest to your walls. It can transform the ambiance of any room in your home.


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