Summer in Pulaski County, VA: Sports Activities for Your Kids

Pulaski County VA

Summer in Pulaski County, VA, offers various exciting sports activities to keep your kids active and engaged. There’s something for every young athlete to enjoy. This post will explore some of the top summertime sports options for kids in Pulaski County.

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7 Summer Sports Activities for Kids in Pulaski County, VA

Youth Soccer Camps

Soccer is a popular sport for kids of all ages, and Pulaski County boasts several youth soccer camps during the summer months. These camps offer expert coaching, skill-building exercises, and fun games to entertain your kids.

Swimming Lessons

Sign your kids up for swimming lessons at Pulaski County’s pools and lakes to beat the summer heat. Certified instructors will help them become confident and proficient swimmers while keeping them safe.

Tennis Camps

Tennis is an excellent sport for kids to learn coordination, agility, and sportsmanship. You can find tennis clinics where children receive instruction from experienced coaches and practice their skills in a friendly setting.

Baseball/Softball Leagues

Pulaski County offers youth softball and baseball leagues for children of all skill levels. Whether your child is new to the sport or experienced, these leagues provide a supportive environment.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Pulaski County has plenty of great places for scenic horseback riding. Local stables offer lessons for kids, whether they’re beginners or experienced. They’ll love exploring the beautiful landscapes and connecting with these magnificent animals.

Golf Camps

If your child has a knack for golf, Pulaski County has several golf camps tailored to young players. These camps provide expert instruction on swing technique, putting, and course strategy. The area also has a number of nice golf courses and practice facilities for kids to enjoy.

Basketball Clinics

Basketball is a great way for kids to stay active and develop teamwork skills. Pulaski County hosts basketball clinics throughout the summer, where children can learn from experienced coaches. They can practice their dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. The clinics also have scrimmage games so kids can apply their skills in a competitive setting.

Check out Pulaski County Parks and Recreation for more youth sports and summer camp details!

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