Carpet vs. Hardwood Floors: 5 Benefits of Having Solid Hardwood Floors

Opting to replace carpet with solid hardwood floors can add several positive benefits to your home. It can provide a new, timeless look and make the space feel more welcoming and a bit larger. Here are more added benefits of having solid hardwood floors in your home.

Hardwood Floors Add Value to Your Home

Hardwood floors often times last much longer than carpet does, and this long-term investment can add more value to your home when it comes time to resell. Motivated home buyers typically are willing to pay more money for a house with hardwood floors rather than carpet.

They Can Be Refinished

Unlike having to replace carpet, hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced. If you are looking for an update to your current home in flooring but don’t want to get rid of your hardwood floors you can easily have hardwood floors stained lighter or darker for a new look. And that is much cheaper than replacing your entire flooring.

They Provide a High Quality Look

Hardwood floors not only add openness and clarity to your home, but they also add sophistication and warmth. This feeling will never go out of style either. In comparison to carpet, hardwood floors portray a more expensive style.

Hardwood Floors Are Easy to Clean

Probably one of the most beneficial parts to hardwood floors is that they are a lot easier to clean than carpet. Dirt, dust and debris settle into carpet leaving a coating of dirt that doesn’t always get picked up by vacuuming; however, with hardwood floors, any dust, debris or dirt will sit on top of the floors making it easy to vacuum, mop or Swiffer up while being sure you’re getting as much dirt up as possible.

They Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Because dirt, dust and debris is easy to clean up on hardwood floors, this enhances the indoor air quality of your home. Carpet can trap dirt, allergens, pollen, dust and more in it’s fibers and redistribute them through the air, but because hardwood floors do not have fibers that can trap those items, air quality is typically cleaner in homes with hardwood floors.