The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

We all want a home we are proud of, a home that is stylish and appealing to the eye. It is not a simple walk in the park while decorating your house; creating a stylish yet organized home is a fun but thought provoking task. These do’s and don’ts will help guide you in your journey to craft a home you are in love with.

Don’t create rooms that are incredibly themed

A certain era or a particular design style can be something you are looking to recreate in your home because the look inspires you. A common mistake is taking that muse too far creating an overall themed space. If you love sailing, for instance, don’t go crazy with nautical tables, clocks, galore. Instead try to be inspired by teak deck finishes or an overall maritime color scheme. Incorporating specific colors, a certain piece of furniture or art from the style you enjoy will still give you the sensation you were looking for without your space becoming a theme park.

Do contemplate natural lighting

If your room is lacking natural light from the start, make sure to steer clear from dark furniture and paints. The use of a light colors will brighten a dark room and even present an enlargement sensation.

Don’t buy matching sets of furniture

Sure buying the full set of matching furniture from one place is the simple way to fill a room but it is anticipated and lacks character. Buy that three-seater lounge or large oak dresser then personalize the look by selecting other items that will complement the atmosphere. This creates not only an attention-grabbing look but a look that is yours.

Always remember scale when buying rugs and furniture

You don’t need to overcompensate on every single piece of furniture in a room. Sticking with one main feature and styling around it prevents clutter. Think about balance in the room, does it need more big things, tall things or little things? Having everything the same size will mean nothing can stand out but having a variation of scale generates attention and drama within a room.