How to Make Your Backyard Entertainment Ready  

Summer is in full swing which means temperatures are rising, days are longer and the backyard grill is fired up. Whether you want to create a romantic outdoor area or an outstanding atmosphere for guests, this season is the perfect time to step-up your outdoor living to be the talk of the town. Follow these tips to make an ordinary backyard into an environment that will ensure some alfresco fun.

Keep it Lit

Nighttime is a perfect time for homeowners to enjoy their backyard because the hot summer temperatures have dipped down. Guests can enjoy the deck and patio while seeing the sunset and appreciating the cool evening air. Having evening lighting will give ambiance to any type of gathering and produces a desirable atmosphere. The use of solar lights, stake torches, and lanterns will add charm to any outdoor space and will not make your electric bill sky rocket. You can place these lights around the pool, strung through trees, or along paths for an enchanting summer gathering.

Give me Shade

Whether you have a small urban garden or a spacious backyard, a pergola can be a welcoming retreat for all visitors. By adding a pergola or arbor to your space it not only creates shade but also adds a visual focal point to your yard. If your outdoor space lacks trees this will add a vertical component to compensate. Grow vining, flowers and climbing plants around your pergola to create a pop of color and a natural feel around the living space.

Just Add Water

Homeowners can use a water feature to cool the landscape and add moisture to the air during the dry summer. A small pond or fountain can be inexpensive and easy to keep up thanks to project kits available at many home gardening stores. Water features will add a soothing feel, perfect for relaxing guests after a long work day or a busy family schedule. Permanent installations can also add value to your home and even attract some pretty wildlife such as back yard ponds or large fountains.