Winter Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home in Good Condition for Spring

The weather drops and winter is here. Even though we would prefer to stay cuddled up by the fireplace, there are important home maintenance tasks to be done. Here are four maintenance items you might want to complete during the winter months.

Protect your pipes

We are heading into the coldest months of the year—January and February—when temperatures drop or stay below freezing for most of the day and almost every night. This can cause unprotected pipes to burst. There are three ways to protect against pipe bursts: (1) wrap in foam insulation, (2) close foundation vents and (3) open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air flow. Remember to keep your thermostat at 60 degrees or higher overnight to prevent pipes from freezing overnight.

Double check your oven

Ovens can have improper seals that can lead to a loss of some of the appliance’s heat. This will result in longer cooking times (no one wants that). To correct this, check the seal around your over door to see if it has any interior issues such as breaks or cracks in the seal. It would be best to go ahead and replace the seal to make sure your oven is at its best to bake your holiday and winter-themed treats.

Look at your insulation

If your attic has insulation, now is good time to make sure the insulation is in proper condition. Examine if the insulation is either flattened or sagging; if the insulation is level with the attic floor jousts, you’re in good shape. If it is below the jousts it would be a good idea to add insulation to level it back out. This will make sure the warm air is in and the cold air stays out.

Keep an eye out for ice damming

Ice damming is when frozen water forms on the edge of your roof. It could prevent water from running off your roof which results in leaks and damages to your house. The best way to prevent ice damming is by keeping your roof clear of any collecting white slush. Helpful tip: use a rake to keep the roof clean of any collections. It also is a beneficial tasks to go ahead and clear out the gutters from the fallen fall leaves.