2017 Décor Trends That Are Here to Stay In 2018

Throughout the year, we have seen a lot of home décor trends come and go but these are here to say.  The top designers are saying that these few looks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Keep up to date and check out these trends that are staying for a while.

Rustic Modern Design

Reclaimed wood, neutral colors, big windows, and fireplaces are keys to a rustic yet modern home. This look was very popular in 2017 and it is here to stay.  Get this look by installing wood beams on your ceiling, keep your colors neutral and keep the blinds up for a natural feel.

Mix and Match Upholstered Furniture

The days of matchy-matchy furniture are long gone.  Make your couch, chairs, and loveseat complement each other by mixing patterns or colors to give your living room a facelift. There are barely any rules with this one, so have some fun!

Sustainable Design

Homeowners are interested in recycled materials, vintage furniture, and using LED lights instead.  Bring the outside in and get some potted natural herbs in your kitchen. These few design elements will not only look great in your home but they will reduce your carbon footprint.

Cocktails at Home

Bar Carts made a huge appearance in 2017 and they are staying for 2018.  Many homeowners have brought these carts into their homes and not only are they cute, but they are functional. Keep the party going by keeping it stocked with your favorite drinks and glasses.

Bring Life Inside

Little plants such as succulents or cacti were very popular last year.  These little plants are fun and add texture and interest to any side table or desk. Plant them the same type of pot or different to add a little variety to your space. Make sure the plants get some sunlight and water to keep them alive.