How to Decorate a Small Space To Make it Appear Larger

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when decorating a small space in your home – especially when the addition of just one piece of furniture appears to fill the entire room. Instead of giving up and letting the space turn into a junk room, follow these easy tips to make the area feel a whole lot bigger.

Get creative with storage

Rather than simply leaving your things piling up in your little space, consider installing some shelving. If you move the shelves higher up on the walls, the eye will automatically be drawn upwards making the space appear larger.

Place your belongings in canvas storage cubes or wicker baskets to avoid the shelves looking disorganized. Add a few hooks to the walls or even on the back of the door to keep other belongings off of the floor for a clean surface space. Invest in multi-purpose furniture pieces such as an ottoman with storage capabilities or an expandable coffee table. A room always looks more spacious when the floor isn’t covered in clutter. Having said that, you also don’t want a ton of furniture covering the whole room, so convertible and multi-purpose furniture is the best way to go.

Keep your walls light

Avoid painting your walls a darker shade. Dark-colored walls absorb any light that may be emitted, which, although cozy, will definitely make your small room look and feel even smaller. If your space is painted a lighter color, such as off-white or a light blue/green color, light will reflect off of the walls. This in turn makes your room appear brighter and larger. Additionally, if your space has access to natural lighting, make sure to leave the window uncovered to bring in as much sunlight as possible. To do this, opt for thin or sheer drapes without blinds.

Paint your ceiling

Similar to installing shelves higher up on the walls, try painting your ceiling to make the room appear taller. You might even consider wallpapering your ceiling. Decorating the ceiling in any way will draw the eye upwards, which will make the room seem more spacious.

Less is more

It’s better to fill the room with a few large pieces than a bunch of small pieces. Using many small decorations will make a room appear more cluttered. For example, rather than using a couple smaller couches to fill the area, use one large sectional for a more spacious appearance. A helpful tip: choose a sofa that has exposed legs rather than a sofa that has a skirt extending to the ground. Keeping the couch up off the floor makes a big difference in how roomy your space feels. When decorating, avoid hanging a wall full of small decorations. Instead, hang one large piece of art for a more minimalistic look with open wall space.

Mirrors are key

Mirrors always make a room look bigger than it actually is due to the illusion of added depth they create. Consider a gallery wall of mirrors in different shapes and sizes, or hang up at least one large mirror to add an extra dimension to the space. For all of your design needs, go to Edith Anne Duncan Design in Blacksburg.