Fall Home Maintenance Tips

The beginning of the fall season can be a chaotic time of the year. With kids going back to school and various holidays quickly approaching, your time can really get away from you. Of course, it seems like something always comes up at a time when we already have a million things on our plate. One way to keep your hectic schedule from being interrupted by issues arising at home is to proactively prepare your home for the colder weather.

Roof and Gutters

For example, inspecting your roof and gutters in the beginning of fall can potentially save you thousands of dollars later on. While leaves begin to fall, it is important to clean out your gutters because clogged gutters can cause water to leak into your house from your roof or walls. Also, check to ensure everything attached to your roof, including gutters and shingles, is secure before snow or fallen branches cause damage. No one wants freezing cold water entering their home through the roof, especially in the winter, so make sure to examine your gutters and shingles to save you and your home this coming winter. A great company in the area to contact for all of your roof and gutter needs would be Modern Day Roofing.


Cold weather is approaching and before you know it, the icy temperatures that Blacksburg winter brings will have you bundled up indoors to stay warm. If you have a fireplace, fall is a great time to have it serviced. Having your fireplace serviced substantially reduces the chance of having a fire-related accident. Using a fireplace that has a buildup of dirt and dust can cause a potential safety hazard for you and your family; so be sure to have your fireplace inspected by a professional this season!

HVAC System

No heat, big problem! Imagine turning on the heat during the bitter cold weather and finding that it doesn’t work. How miserable! Avoid freezing in your own home by checking your HVAC system this season. You may not have to get your HVAC system professionally inspected, but you should at least turn it on to ensure you will have heat before temperatures get too low. Contact Blue Ridge Heating and Air.

Trees, Bushes, and Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your trees, bushes, and lawn for the winter frost. Trimming your trees and bushes can save them from the harsh winter and help ensure their survival for the spring. Feeding and seeding your lawn this fall can also do wonders for your curb appeal come springtime. Surprisingly, fall is one of the best times to seed! You can ask a local garden center to help you choose the best fertilizer for your lawn. Another way to protect your yard is by raking the leaves. This gives your grass a chance to breathe, which helps it look lush in the spring. If you need any help contact our local landscaping company, Back To Nature.

It may be hard for some to accept that summer has come to an end, but preparing your home for cold weather is one way to make this time of the year a little less stressful and a more enjoyable. And if nothing else, these tips will probably save you a lot of money in the long run!