Discover Virginia: 4 Ways to Learn The History and Art of NRV

History and Arts in NRV

History and arts in NRV are fervently valued by community members of this historic town in Virginia. With the New River recognized as the “second oldest river in the world,” locals enjoy this heritage which people all over the world desire to see.

A major research university also adds sophistication to a small-town atmosphere while valuing education and the arts. At the same time, international residents contribute to the creation of a unique and diverse community that residents cherish.

There’s more to know about New River Valley’s history and arts. Check out these four ways below.

4 Ways To Learn About The History and Art of NRV, VA

1. Look Into The Activities At The Lyric

The Lyric Theater is a non-profit organization that promotes the arts and culture of the New River Valley. Located in the heart of Blacksburg, some of its services are art education and top-of-the-line entertainment. This includes popular films and film festivals for students and storytelling for children.

An unforgettable experience awaits you when you visit this historic theater for the first time. Besides the elegant 1930 tapestries, the golden glow of the replica lanterns, and the charm of the auditorium and lobby, you’ll also get to experience the best popcorn in Southwest Virginia and family-friendly prices!

2. Take Part In The FloydFest Festival

At the FloydFest Festival, music and performance enthusiasts usually have a blast. This is a five-day event, and this is also the largest festival in the region that attracts large audiences who come for the music with over 100 craftsmen and food sellers.

Guests have the opportunity to explore the region’s most unusual hamlet, nestled on the slopes of a magnificent mountain plateau.

3. Check Out Every Village’s Farmers Markets

One way of learning NRV’s history is by getting to know some hardworking farmers who live there. Farmers markets serve a vital purpose in helping us reconnect to the land and to the people of the town.

Every village in the New River Valley has an active Farmers Market where locals may gather and carry home the freshest vegetables and products available in Virginia’s New River Valley.

4. Visit The Moss Art Center

The Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech hosts renowned artists from around the world and from close to home, focusing on cultural awareness and deepening understanding. The center is located just off Virginia Tech’s campus.

It has become a premier performance center that features local and international organizations and concerts. With events ranging from art exhibits to community workshops to stand-up comics, the center offers a wide range of experiences to the NRV community.

Moving to a new place becomes more meaningful when you take the time to learn about its history, culture, and arts. Take a moment to experience these memorable events and find out what New River Valley, Virginia has to offer when you move there.

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