What You Need To Know When Planning Your Retirement in New River Valley

retirement in new river valley

Planning your retirement in New River Valley is one of the best decisions you will make. It’s not difficult to feel at home here. It has a small-town vibe while still keeping some of the amenities of a city, like restaurants, grocery stores, and theaters. The scenery is also spectacular with rolling hills, forested areas, and beautiful lakes.

You’ve worked hard your whole life. So, when retirement finally does come, you should be looking forward to enjoying the benefits. But, it’s important to think about what you want out of retirement and where you want it to take place.

But as with every first time, it takes some time to adjust. As a retiree, you need to become familiar with your new lifestyle. One way to make it stress-free is by being aware of the stages of retirement which you can check below.

6 Stages of Planning Your Retirement in New River Valley

Stage 1. Pre-retirement

This stage happens about five to ten years before you retire. At this point, you may be more focused on retirement planning than on career advancement. While financial planning is an important part of retirement planning, don’t forget to plan emotionally as well.

This is the time to think about your goals for retirement and what will make you feel fulfilled and happy. Consider which neighborhood you would like to live in New River Valley, whether you would like to downsize, and if you would like to travel.

Stage 2. Retirement Event

By far, the most short-lived stage of retirement is the actual ending of the employment itself. This is celebrated with a dinner, party, or other celebration and is viewed as a rite of passage for many, especially those with distinguished careers. Some aspects of this event are similar to the ceremony that marks the beginning of a marriage.

Stage 3. Honeymoon Phase

During this stage, you may feel liberated, relieved, and free from the stress you experienced in the corporate world. These feelings may last for up to two years but can last for much longer, depending on how you spend your time.

This is the stage where you are supposed to enjoy doing whatever you please. You can reconnect with old friends, visit your family, travel with your partner, and indulge in your hobbies.

Stage 4. Disenchantment

After the honeymoon phase, some retirees experience a period of disenchantment. Retirement can be a time of disappointment and even depression for many people. This may happen because the person has lost their purpose in life or is no longer able to do what they are passionate about.

Retirement can also bring on feelings of guilt and increase the feeling that life is meaningless. One should not underestimate these feelings because they can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as drinking too much alcohol. The only way to avoid this event is by having a plan in place before retirement day arrives.

Stage 5. Reorientation

As with everything else in life, you eventually begin adjusting to your new circumstances and navigating your new life. Taking the time to re-find your purpose and reigniting your passion is the most challenging part of retirement. Although it can be challenging, this is the most enjoyable and rewarding stage.

Stage 6. Retirement routine

In this final stage of retirement, you feel relaxed, content, and happy about your new life. After a while, you may find that you’ve adjusted to your new routine and lifestyle, doing what you love, feeling fulfilled, and enjoying your new sense of purpose and identity.

The Bottom Line

Planning where to live is important before retirement, and there are just as many reasons that New River Valley is the ideal place to retire. The location is close enough to all of the amenities that you will need without being too far. The mountains in this area also offer a perfect backdrop for a carefree life.

Moving to a new area can be stressful but planning makes it much easier. If you’re looking for a home, you want to work with a Realtor who has a lot of experience in the area. Louise has over 30 years experience selling homes in New River Valley. If you’re looking for a new home, please click here to contact Louise. She’ll take a lot of stress off your plate.