Public Art in Pearisburg: 5 Spots to Enjoy Virginia’s Art Scene

art in pearisburg

Are you looking for some unique local scenery in Southern Appalachia but don’t have time to venture too far out of town? Worry not. These spots to see public art in Pearisburg will surprise you with how much artistic culture this town offers. 

Pearisburg has a few public spots where you can enjoy art while visiting. Whether you are a history buff or just want to find a peaceful stroll through the hills, public art is everywhere, and you’ll be glad you decided to come.

Once you’re in this beautiful mountain region of Virginia, devote some time exploring these spots!

5 Spots To See Public Art in Pearisburg, Virginia

1. Pearisburg Town Park – River Sculpture Walk

Pearisburg Town Park has a River Sculpture Walking Trail where you can enjoy a peaceful walk while viewing sculpted representations of the New River. The trail consists of five sculptures: “Rebirth,” “The Cascades,” “Jewel Rebar Veritas,” “A Part, Not Apart,” and “I Want This River To Be…”

2. Pearisburg Town Park – Kids Playing Scene Mural

While you’re in the park, take advantage of seeing the murals of kids playing. Located in the PATS building, these murals are easily accessible for the public to view and enjoy!

3. Tazewell Street – River Mural

Speaking of murals, taking a stroll through the streets of Pearisburg will also give you the chance to see murals painted by local artists. 

You can find an impressive mural depicting the river at the corner of Tazewell Street and Mountain Lake Avenue. This mural is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to see it as it is conveniently located on the side of a building.

4. Pearisburg Community Market – Music at the Market Concert Series

 Enjoy a night of fantastic music and delicious local food and products at this event! Pearisburg Community Market hosts the music at the Market Concert Series event. During the event, vendors feature delicacies and artisan products from around the world.

5. Main Street – “LOVE” Sculpture

A visit to Pearisburg is not complete without seeing the “LOVE” sculpture. The sculpture was made by schoolchildren in public, private, and homeschools between 4 and 12. A total of 3,500 colored pebbles from the Giles County area were painted. 

Final Thoughts

Public art isn’t only found in museums and galleries—other places to find regional and public art include parks, playgrounds, sculpture gardens, lighthouses, and even streets. Learn more about these and other places to enjoy one of the lesser-known areas of Virginia’s arts scene by exploring Pearisburg’s public art locations.

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