Top-Rated Night Spots in the NRV

night spots in the nrv

Virginia’s New River Valley attracts more new residents due to the area’s high-paying tech jobs and education opportunities. Along with this is the demand for relaxation and entertainment facilities. After a long day at work, many stop by their favorite watering hole for a drink with friends or an evening out. In this article, we will look into the top-rated night spots in the NRV. 

A Relaxing Environment

Most cities have remarkably similar nightlife. Bars and restaurants are always a staple, and NRV is no different. Most customers in the NRV bar scene are young professionals or college students who prefer a variety of “vibes.” Whether it’s a rocking nightclub or a more relaxed atmosphere you’re looking for, you can find it in the top-rated night spots in the NRV.

The Milk Parlor

The Milk Parlor is a bar built on a dairy farm in Blacksburg, VA. It is where cows and folks like you can relax. Don’t mind the cows!

The Parlor serves excellent grilled cheese sandwiches and cold beverages from their extensive menu and have live performances from local music bands. They continue to host various events every month, keeping patrons entertained.

Rivermill Bar and Grill

Located in downtown Blacksburg, VA, Rivermill Bar, and Grill is the go-to place for burgers, sandwiches, and cold beverages. The Rivermill has a wide selection of craft beer with 60+ bottle options, guaranteeing everyone will find something they like. Visitors could enjoy a game of pool and darts and the nine big-screen TVs installed. 

Melody Hookah Bar

If you’re interested in an atmospheric experience, then Melody Hookah Bar is for you. This hookah lounge in Blacksburg offers a relaxing atmosphere for hookah lovers, offering various hookah flavors. Customers remark about the chill and friendly environment all over the area, so you and your friends will be guaranteed a good time.

Top Of The Stairs

Top Of The Stairs has been the go-to student hangout spot in Downtown Blacksburg since 1978, continuing to thrive over the years. They have an extensive menu of wings and chips, paired with their vast selection of cocktails. TOTS also provides catering service, whether in-house or to-go, not to mention karaoke night every Tuesday. Whether hanging out with friends or having a nice lunch or dinner, TOTS is a classic spot in Blacksburg. 

Whether you want to relax or party, NRV bars have it all. We hope that this article will give you a better feel of NRV’s nightlife scene and help you find the spot you prefer.  

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