Best Fishing Spots in New River 

fishing spots in new river

The New River is the oldest river system in North America and the second oldest in the world, next to the Nile River. The river runs through spectacular mountain sceneries and across stunning gorges. And we can’t forget great fishing! The river offers freshwater game fish from spotted bass to bluegill and more. Are you looking for a place to catch some fish with your friends? This article will guide you through the best fishing spots in New River.

Top 3 Fishing Spots in New River

Around Claytor Lake

Despite its name, Claytor Lake is not a lake but a reservoir part of the New River. It is a popular site for boating and swimming but also fishing. The waters are populated with bass, both largemouth, and smallmouth, as well as bluegill and yellow trout. Claytor Lake State Park is also nearby, where hikers could hike, and anglers could throw a line and hook up a nice catch.

Close to New River Trail State Park

New River Trail State Park is where there are outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and horseback riding, but it’s also an excellent spot for fishing. This park parallels the New River in a 39-mile stretch, and you could find boat ramps nearby Foster Falls. You could catch the usual New River game fish in these adjacent spots, such as different types of bass, walleye, bluegill, yellow perch, etc.

Right at Pembroke, Virginia

New River crosses through Pembroke, Virginia, where several available fishing charters run business. One of the most well-known would be Wesley Hodges Fly Fishing which provides boats and gear to river anglers to enjoy 8 hours of fishing. You could catch some smallmouth bass around June to October, and from then on until March, the smallmouths would retreat in favor of muskies as the season and water become cooler.

New River is a place where you can admire nature to its fullest. You and your fishing buddies will enjoy a fabulous time reeling in a large trout and then resting on the boat to view the afternoon scenery. The thrill of a massive catch and the sights’ serenity all harmonize here in New River.

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