Best Weekend Activities in Giles County, VA

weekend activities in giles county

Live in a place you can call home and enjoy the best weekend activities in Giles County, VA. This new river valley community consists of gorgeous bodies of water and beautiful landscapes for those that love the outdoors. 

Giles County is situated in the Allegheny Mountains and along the border of West Virginia. Well known for its infrastructure, it is a gateway for business opportunities in manufacturing. Its towns include Pembroke, Glen Lyn, Rich Creek, Pearisburg, and Narrows, known as Virginia’s mountain playground.

Stroll through its towns, retrace history, and enjoy the moments with these best weekend activities you can do in Giles County, VA.

Best Weekend Activities in Giles County, VA

Boating the New River Water Trail

The clean 37-mile-long river is the perfect activity to destress and spend time with family and friends. You can also go fishing, swimming, kayaking, and rafting. Also, experienced guides can help you paddle across the trail.

Bike at Mountain Lake Conservancy 

The site has 20 miles of fern-lined trails and clear backroads, open to the public. Choose the Mill Creek Farms or Big Stony Creek Road path as they are the most popular.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Are you looking for a more accessible hiking trail? Access the Appalachian trail in Giles County easily. It is a 50-mile-long hike that runs through the town of Pearisburg. The footpath covers more ground and lets you see the county’s beauty. The trail also enables you to access 14 states and their local parks and forests. However, you need permission to enter and camp out in these areas.

Explore Cascade Falls

Watch a waterfall 69 ft. on a large pool from cliff walls that are 200 feet long. Cascade Falls also has serene streams and a lush canopy, making for a picture-perfect backdrop. Additionally, you can cross the beam bridge and view Stony Creek, where the water source is. Cascade Falls has an estimated 150,000 visitors every year. 

Hunt at Jefferson National Forest

Is hunting your hobby? Get a license and hunt for the raccoon, black bear, whitetail deer, wild turkey, and grouse. Track these animals at the big game and small game hunting areas. Alternatively, you may stroll in the woods and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush outdoors? Go for a motorsports adventure on the dual-sports trip to Giles. You can rent a motorcycle and gear, plus get fuel, lodging, and meals. The Adventure Survival Tour lets you drive off-road at different trails and enjoy upscale accommodations. More than 40 miles of trails are at Kairos Resort, where you can view the sights and birds. 

Giles County offers so much you’ll be sure to have an excellent weekend adventure!

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