Top Tech Jobs in the NRV

tech jobs in the nrv

The New River Valley is a perfect fit for companies in IT Support, Cybersecurity, Software Development, and all other sections of Information Technology. These are among the top tech jobs in the NRV. 

The region produces some of the best IT workforces in the country due to its education programs in local universities. 

NRV has 90 IT Companies with 1,562 IT-related jobs available. With over 5% job growth in the last five years, there is no question why IT professionals flock to NRV to enjoy an excellent quality of life and low-cost living. 

If you are looking for an IT job in the country, the NRV is a great place to find one. 

This article will look into the top tech jobs in NRV.

4 Tech Jobs in NRV

1. Software Development/Engineering

Software Development/Engineering is among the most high-paying IT jobs in NRV. There is a high demand for Software Engineers and Developers in Montgomery County and across the country. 

Starting salaries are dependent on experience and specialty. Prestigious companies like Apple, L3 Harris, and Twinn Intelligence Group are just some of the many companies hiring for these positions. 

2. CyberSecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialist is another job in demand not just in NRV but around the country and the world. A cybersecurity specialist is also called an information security specialist or computer security specialist. 

The job description includes protecting digital information from viruses, hacking attempts, and malware. The salary of a cybersecurity specialist in NRV ranges from $69,000 to $77,000 annually. 

3. Information Technology Support Services

IT support staff are the company’s frontliners for IT solutions. It’s an entry-level position that promises competitive salaries but minimal growth prospects as there is little advancement in the field. The average salary starts at over $25 per hour and is considered an entry-level position.

4. Digital Creative

Another lucrative job recently carving its name in the digital world is Digital Creatives. Sometimes called Creative Directors or Digital Creators, their job includes managing and conceptualizing the creative output and identifying the best way to come up with a design and present them across all digital platforms. 

The average salary of a digital creative starts at around $60,000 – $120,000 annually. 

The Bottom Line

The pandemic may have played a significant role in the demand for technology workers in the past two years since most companies switched to remote work. Although this may appear temporary, the benefits of remote work are evident, and the flexibility of tech jobs makes it possible and achievable. 

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