Virginia Ranks Second in Business for 2023

Virginia Ranks Second in Business

Virginia ranks second in business for 2023. These rankings come from CNBC’s annual America’s Top States for Business. The rankings cover various factors to evaluate the state’s business environment and opportunities. Virginia’s rise to second place is impressive, considering it was ranked 13th seven years ago.

The state’s strong performance in education and business opportunities has contributed to its high ranking. Currently, North Carolina holds the top spot. Following in second place is Virginia, reflecting favorable business climate and growth potential.

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Factors Explaining Why Virginia Ranks Second in Business in 2023


Virginia ranks second in business for 2023 because it is one of America’s top states for education. It is an essential factor in attracting businesses that require highly skilled labor. Virginia’s education system consistently ranks among the top ten in the United States. Its students outperform the national average in nearly all subject areas and grade levels. The data is from the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Capital Access

With a robust financial sector, businesses in Virginia have an easier time accessing capital. The state has plenty of banks and financial institutions. Apart from this, many firms are investing in startups and small businesses.

Business Friendliness

Virginia has a welcoming business environment with low taxes and regulations. The state offers low property taxes, performance-based incentives, flat corporate income tax, and exemptions. It helps attract and retain businesses in the state. According to CNBC’s rankings, Virginia is 6th in this category.


Virginia has a highly educated and skilled workforce that businesses find appealing. About 40% of residents over 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher. That is higher than the national average. Immigrants also have a high workforce participation rate. It provides a diverse pool of talent for businesses. Virginia ranked 7th for its workforce in the CNBC study.

Quality of Life

Virginia offers a high quality of life with many cultural and recreational opportunities. The state also has one of the highest median household incomes in the country, at $81,500. Additionally, there is also a low poverty rate and low rates of food insecurity. Having a higher quality of life makes Virginia more attractive to businesses, investors, and workers.

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