4 Top Moving Companies in Christiansburg VA

Moving Companies in Christiansbur

Moving to or from a home in Christiansburg, Virginia, can be exciting. As exciting as it is, moving can also come with a lot of work and stress. That’s why you should consider hiring a moving company. This post will cover some of the top moving companies in Christiansburg, VA.

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Your Guide to the Top Moving Companies in Christiansburg, VA

V-Haulers Transport and Moving

(540) 629-1134

V-Haulers Transport and Moving offers an array of moving services. You can hire them for packing and unpacking as well as transport. They also have a great reputation in the Christiansburg area.

Here’s a Featured Review of V-Haulers:

“Working with V-Haulers was excellent! My son moved out of his apartment after graduation and left items that needed cleaning. Even if we weren’t there, they handled everything smoothly. The process was easy. I highly recommend them!” – K.B., 5 Stars

Millennial Movers, LLC

(540) 629-3529

Millennial Movers is a family-owned and operated moving company. They have completed over 3,000 moves and continue to serve more customers. Most of their team members are long-term friends or family. Millennial Movers offers packing and cleaning services before moving out. They cater to long-distance, commercial, and local moves.

Affordable Movers

(540) 629-3344

The Affordable Movers team caters to residential moving. They can assist with packing, unpacking, driving, loading, unloading, and piano moving. Other services include U-box delivery, long-distance moving, local moving, and U-box loading and unloading.

Valley Movers

(540) 817-1945

Valley Movers offers moving and storage services in the NRV. They also cater to long-distance and local moving. Their team is known for being responsive and professional.

The Best Time to Move

As a practical moving tip, it’s important to avoid scheduling moving on holidays or weekends. Holidays and weekends are busy times for moving companies. That means it can be harder to book their services. It might also cost more.

Cost of Moving

The typical moving expenses in Christiansburg, VA, can fluctuate based on various factors. Your home’s size, the distance of your move, and the specific services you require can all affect pricing. On average, moving labor costs around $49 per hour in Christiansburg, VA. Remember that this is just an estimate, and it may change. Most moving companies will also offer quotes for their services.

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