Top NRV Tech Companies Part 2 

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Virginia’s New River Valley stands out among other tech hubs in the country. One reason is the seemingly unending supply of graduates from the prestigious IT Schools in the area like Virginia Tech. Another is the surprisingly low cost of living. This is part 2 of our post about NRV tech companies.

This article will look into ten more tech companies in NRV. 

Stress Reducing Environment

IT jobs require a lot of stressful activities. The New River Valley and its beautiful Blue Ridge mountain are perfect stress relievers for IT professionals with their high-stress work environment and may be why many IT professionals settle in NRV. is a company with bases in Hongkong, Germany, and NRV. They specialize in blockchain software development that aims to give businesses the needed tools to build the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Cowden Technologies

Cowden Technologies is a company that develops and manufactures automated drones utilized in the industry for delivery services without the need for human supervision.

Luna Innovations

Luna Innovations is a company in Roanoke, VA, specializing in manufacturing fiber-optics and terahertz-based technology for aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications.

NanoSonic Inc

NanoSonic Inc is a private company based in Pembroke, VA, that specializes in creating new, innovative materials used for infrastructure. They have previously worked with organizations like NASA to make the building blocks of the future.

Nomad Mobile Guides

Nomad Mobile Guides is a small tech company based in Virginia specializing in developing cross-platform mobile apps and websites. They also provide solutions that allow app creation for minimal cost, with several pre-built templates.

Qualtrax Inc

Qualtrax Inc is a software company in Blacksburg, VA. They are the lead developer of Qualtrax, a software used for managing documents and automating business processes.

Torc Robotics

Torc Robotics is a tech company that specializes in developing self-driving trucks. The company’s goal is to revolutionize self-driving trucks and develop solutions to make roads safer.

Uncork-it Inc

Uncork-it is a marketing and PR agency based in Blacksburg, VA, that works to promote various new technologies and provide spaces for virtual communication and events.


Venveo is a renowned marketing agency located in Blacksburg, VA, that helps owners grow their business by providing helpful digital marketing strategies and a platform to start.


VPT Inc is a tech company based in Blacksburg, VA. They are the global leader that provides power conversion solutions mainly used in avionics, military, space, and industrial applications.

There is a demand for workplaces to be stress-free in this modern time. IT professionals and Software Engineers want to address this; somehow, they already have less stressful work environments here in NRV. Because of this, IT professionals around the country want to have a piece of NRV of their own.

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