Urban vs. Small Town Living: A Comparison of Community and Sense of Belonging

urban vs. small town living

Many of us compare urban vs. small-town living. Some people feel they fit better in one type of community better than the other. Some people can move from one to other with little to no adjustment.

Whether it is small-town or urban life, there are advantages and disadvantages. This post will compare what you can expect from living in a city or a small town.

Comparing Urban vs. Small Town Living

Cost of Living

You can’t compare urban vs. small-town life without looking at finances. Most things are more expensive in a city. Housing costs more, and most consumer goods cost more. Taxes also tend to be higher in big cities. That said, incomes are usually higher in cities. For some people, the higher income might offset the cost of living.

Activities and Events

There is always something to do when you live in the city. Activities are available regardless of the time of year or even the hour of the day. In many small towns, there isn’t much to do. Maybe there is an occasional event or an annual festival to enjoy. However, most small towns won’t have events or activities to enjoy on a daily basis.

Security and Crime

Crime is higher in urban settings. It won’t be a surprise that small towns have the edge here. Cities have more property crime and violent crime. People in small towns feel safer in their homes and don’t worry as much about security.

Services and Amenities

All your basic needs will be available in a small town. However, cities do better when it comes to the extras. You’ll have more and better options for things like internet service and cable TV. Cities have better public transportation. You also have more options for things like restaurants and shopping.

Community Life

Small towns often come with a built-in sense of community. With fewer people, you usually know your neighbors. In the city, you could live in a building with hundreds of people and barely know any of them. It isn’t to say there is no community. You might need to find it for yourself.


Smaller towns tend to be closer to nature. There’s less development and more open space. Many cities have nice parks, but they are only a small section of the city. Residents might even need to travel outside the city to encounter nature.

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