New River Valley Real Estate: Finding Homes Away from the City

new river valley real estate

A lot of people are looking to get away from the cities. Maybe they don’t like the faster lifestyle or they worry about crime. Some might want to look for employment opportunities away from the cities. New River Valley real estate might be the perfect fit if you are looking for a home away from the city.

This post will cover a few reasons people look for homes in the New River Valley.

New River Valley Real Estate

The Natural Setting

Many people decide to move from big cities so they can be closer to nature. New River Valley could be the perfect place to relocate if that is one of your priorities. The area has mountains, forests, rivers, streams, and lakes. It makes the NRV one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts. People come from all over for hiking, biking, fishing, and camping.

Cost of Living

The low cost of living is another factor that attracts many to the New River Valley. Everything from groceries and utilities to consumer goods costs significantly less than in most cities. New River Valley homes are more affordable than homes in the city. You can get much more house and more land for the same price. You can use this cost of living calculator to understand how much further your money will go in the NRV.

The Communities

You’ll encounter many friendly communities during a trip around the NRV. You have everything from small towns with just a few hundred people to small cities. There are also places in the mountains and communities near the river. You can also find college towns like Radford City and Blacksburg.


The area offers good educational opportunities. You have excellent schools for primary and secondary education. The area also has good colleges. There is Virginia Tech in Blacksburg and Radford University in Radford City. You can also find New River Community College in Dublin. Along with education, the colleges offer various cultural opportunities to the community.


It can also be a great place to build your career. The NRV has one of the strongest job markets in the country. Many businesses choose to move operations here because of the lower costs and business-friendly atmosphere. The universities also attract investment from various tech firms. There is also a strong manufacturing sector in the NRV. Read this post to learn more about the booming industries in the NRV.

The New River Valley has a lot to offer. It is a great place to raise a family, start a business, or find a career.

Contact the Louise Baker Team if you are looking for your home in the NRV. Our experts know the local market, and we are ready to help you find your home away from the city.

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