6 Popular Jobs in New River Valley To Jumpstart Your Career

jobs in new river valley

Want to know what the popular jobs in New River Valley are? If you’re planning to relocate here, you’ll surely want to know what career opportunities await you.

With the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, the New River Valley is a beautiful place to live and work. 

If you’re looking for a new job in NRV, here are six popular careers to get you started.

6 Popular Jobs in New River Valley

1. Healthcare Jobs

The NRV offers a diverse range of healthcare careers. It’s by far the most popular job in the NRV region and there are more than 1,000 jobs posted online. If you’re a healthcare professional, this region is perfect for you.

There are healthcare facilities across the ten interconnected towns in the NRV.

2. Technology Jobs

Because technology is the newest trend in the market, you could be interested in working in one of the technology jobs in the New River Valley. The NRV has a growing technological cluster, with over 80 enterprises in software development, cybersecurity, IT support, and digital creativity.

3. Accounting & Finance Jobs in New River Valley

Do you have a strong interest in math and statistics? NRV has a lot of career opportunities for anyone who has a knack or educational background in this field. You can find a job here that allows you to put your abilities and skills to good use by assisting people and businesses.

4. Construction & Architecture Jobs

The construction and architecture job is ideal for you if you enjoy designing and building. The New River Valley is expanding, and professionals are needed to help develop it. 

There are projects for everyone, starting from housing to downtown infrastructure.

5. Education Jobs

With Virginia Tech, Radford University, and the New River Valley Community College, educational opportunities abound in NRV. Start your career as an educator, a coach, or a staff member by applying for one of the education jobs available in this area.

6. Marketing + Sales Jobs

Marketing and sales jobs are some of the most popular careers in NRV. The area is home to companies like Uncork-it Inc., Vector Marketing, DHL, Apple, and many more. Click here to link job postings in Sales and Marketing in the NRV.

The primary industries in the New River Valley are Advanced ManufacturingFood Processing and AgribusinessInformation Technology, and Unmanned Systems. All of these industries are hiring, and the economy in the NRV is thriving!

The NRV is a beautiful place to live. If you’ve considered moving to the NRV and need to find a home, don’t hesitate to contact me here. I’ve lived and worked in the area for years and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Click here for a link to my contact page.

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