4 Reasons Working Families Move to Blacksburg, VA

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There is one thing all working families have in common: they work hard to make ends meet. Stretching every dollar ensures you’ll be able to save for your retirement or set up a college fund for your kids. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that working families move to Blacksburg, VA.

In 2020, Zippia ranked Blacksburg as the best place in Virginia for working families. Here are a few reasons why:

4 Reasons Why Working Families Move to Blacksburg

1. Less Job Competition

Sometimes smaller cities, like Blacksburg, are the best places to begin a new career. A smaller city has less job competition making finding a job more manageable. Additionally, the professional community tends to be more inclusive and supportive than bigger cities.

Currently, the job market nationwide has never been better for those looking for work. You’ll likely find a job that fits you perfectly in Blacksburg.

2. More Work/Life Balance

The average weekly working hours in Blacksburg is only 36 hours. If you have a small, growing family, you’ll appreciate the extra time you have for other tasks and activities.

Having a healthy work/life balance is essential to a happy life. The availability of outdoor activities abounds in Blacksburg. 

There is plenty to do in the Blacksburg area, whether walking on the Huckleberry Trail or mountain biking through the Jefferson National Forest.

In addition, Virginia Tech provides an avenue for higher education, attending NCAA Divison 1 sporting events, and experiencing the unique Virginia culture. 

3. Lower Average Home Price

While Blacksburg is, like most areas of the country, experiencing a shortage of housing in general, the typical home value in Blacksburg hovers around $330,000, which is much lower than the national average of $408,800 in 2021. 

If you’re considering renting, you’ll also find the average rent here to be lower than in some areas of Virginia.

4. Shorter Commute Length

Blacksburg has the shortest commute in VA, with an average of 13.9 minutes. There are differing viewpoints on commuting times and what is and is not reasonable. Some people appreciate making the most of their commuting time and prefer a longer journey. 

But if you are tired of the traffic in a more metropolitan area and want a shorter commute, Blacksburg, VA, is a great place to be. 

Moving to a new area can be stressful, but planning makes it more manageable. If you are looking for a new home in NRV, make sure to contact me. I live and work in the area and can help you find the perfect home. Please click here to contact me. I’ll reach out to you personally and promptly.

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