What are the Booming Industries in NRV?

Booming Industries in NRV

The New River Valley is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. The booming industries in NRV are also bringing a lot of jobs.

With so many opportunities, it can take time to figure out where to focus your attention. This post will cover some of the industries to keep an eye on in the NRV.

4 Booming Industries in NRV

Unmanned Systems

The New River Valley is starting to get noticed for one of its growing industries: unmanned systems.

Virginia’s New River Valley is a top hub for unmanned technology. It boasts two FAA-designated test sites and a 2.8-mile smart road test track. The area also has an 85′ high netted drone park facility. It is home to major tech companies like Techsburg, VPT, Maxtena, Optical Cable Corp, and Moog.

Aeroprobe, Torc, VPT, VTTI, and Wing are major employers here—and more are coming soon!

Agribusiness & Food Processing

The New River Valley is a prime location for food processing and agribusiness companies. It is attractive for its abundant workforce, water, and affordable land. NRV also provides a great home for niche markets and agile entrepreneurs ready to make their mark on the industry.

The region is home to over 73 food & beverage processors and 2,294 farms totaling 400,000+ acres. The NRV region also boasts a robust business community with many major employers. These include Red Sun Farms, Chateau Morrisette, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster, and Phoenix Packaging Logistics.

Information Technology

The New River Valley is also a good location for businesses in the information technology sector.

It is a result of the excellent educational programs at Virginia Tech, New River Community College, and Radford University.

Over the past five years, the industry has grown by nearly 5%. Additionally, there are currently over 1,500 jobs in IT-related occupations in the area.

Some major employers include ACI, Ozmo, Venveo, 1901 Group, Harmonia, and more.

Advanced Manufacturing

With 164 companies and over 12,000 jobs, advanced manufacturing has contributed to significant job growth.

Corning, Celanese, and Wolverine are among the major employers in the area.

The Bottom Line

So what does all of this mean? It means there are many opportunities for people interested in working in these fields.

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