Why Pulaski County Is Growing

Why Pulaski County VA is Growing

Wondering why Pulaski County is growing so much in the past two years?

Pulaski County is a small county located in the southwestern part of the state. It is one of the fastest-growing counties in Virginia in terms of economic development.

In 2019, Pulaski County led 133 Virginia counties and cities in overall economic development performance.

There are several factors contributing to the continued growth of Pulaski County. You can just read on to learn about a few.

4 Reasons Why Pulaski County, VA Is Growing

Partnerships with Economic Development Organizations

Strategic partnerships can do a lot to spur growth. Pulaski County has done a lot to establish partnerships with local and regional economic development organizations. It also has strong relationships with adjoining communities, businesses, and industrial assets.

Creation of Adequate Housing and Amenities

Pulaski County has made a concerted effort to attract new residents and investments in the past two years. They promote modern housing in attractive communities. Pulaski County is also developing various amenities to attract young professionals.

The county government is still making efforts and has been working on an economic development plan for the next ten years.

Promoting Itself as a Unique Place to Live and Work

Pulaski has distinguished itself as a unique place to live and work. It’s home to several historical and cultural attractions, making it a great destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Pulaski County is also reinventing itself as a place where people can live their best lives. The county is renovating old roads and buildings. It is also building new housing and parks.

Workforce Availability and Workforce Development

Pulaski County recently received the International Trade Council’s Workforce Developer Award as part of Go Global 2022.

The International Trade Council recognized it as having the Best Workforce Development Program. The county was one of only 95 out of 6,000 applicants to receive the award. Out of the 95, only 50 were from public sector organizations. Pulaski County was the only county in the US to receive the honor.

The award is just one more example of how Pulaski County is growing as a center for international business.

The Bottom Line

Pulaski County is an area ripe for population and economic growth and development. If you are looking for career or business opportunities, it makes Pulaski County a great place to live.

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